Jan 7, 2014
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Who wants to be a millionaire?

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The New Year begins and there you are thinking of resolutions for 2014. ” What will I promise for 2014? What will I try to do differently ?”. And his thoughts simply stop when it appears, on TV , the results of the National Lottery . Did you think , what if you could start the year with US$ 100 million ? What would you do with that money ? Would stop working ?


The New Year begins and there you are thinking of resolutions for 2014. ” What will I promise for 2014? What will I try to do differently ?”. And his thoughts simply stop when it appears, on TV , the results of the National Lottery . Did you think , what if you could start the year with US$ 100 million ? What would you do with that money ? Would stop working ? So many possibilities , so many dreams … But you did not win ! Wake up! January 2 , your life’s back to normal. And normal is working this year until 31th of May just to pay taxes . What’s left after 1st of June is yours. Cool , isn’t it? But it’s all for a good cause , because you will have schools, hospitals , roads , subways and other public services with ” FIFA Quality Standard ” , isn’t it? ( I’m being sarcastic, ok ? ) . But the article is not about that , right? You opened the article because you want to be a millionaire , right? So here ‘s the recipe to becoming one, without involving luck or lotteries . So, there it is, the article about a SUCCESS STORY.

lulamundo Luiz Inácio da Silva , 67, a common man, born in Pernambuco and a dreamy man. It seems the story of any Brazilian , but that man with an ordinary life , just like Anakin Skywalker , was meant for something greater : for Lula ( affectionate nickname ) , was to be president of Brazil , twice, while the young Anakin had to settle on being Darth Vader . Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was a shoe- helper Dyer , an office boy and graduated mechanical turner Senai ( National Service of Industrial Learning ) . Lula never went to college as a student , and yet , came to the presidency in 2002 , carried by the hands of the people . His first striking phrase was ” Never before in the history of this country … ” , always followed by an undeniable  statement .


Lula today ‘s retired . That’s it. Retired . Lula receives two pensions from public funds totaling US$ 4,100 per month , one is for disability (he  lost the little finger of his left hand when he was a lathe) and the other for being political activist against the govern during the dictatorship. The amount of his pensions is almost triple the average salary of a lathe , on active duty, in Sao Paulo , who earns US$ 1400 monthly . Calm down, is not only that . As a former president of Brazil , Lula has access to many lifelong benefits that most retirees do not dream of having , like two luxury cars with gas at ease and eight employees , including drivers, security guards and assistants , whose salaries range from US$ 1000 and US$ 4000 each. The information comes from the Presidency’s secretary . These benefits granted to former presidents , cost the public purse around US$ 1,5 million per year. But this is another story for another article . Lula receives a monthly salary of US$ 5900 (R$13,000.00) per month from the PT to be honorary president of the party. Do you like the number 13 ? Not coincidentally , it is the PT’s lucky number  . And you thought 13 was an unlucky number ? Only if it is for you ! Let’s do the math ? Not counting staff , cars and fuel , the “wage ” monthly is US$ 10000 , or US$ 120,000 per year. In four years , would have half million dollars.


But Lula is not a ” retired bum” , as the FHC defined  people that retired before age 50 , in his controversial statement in 1998 . The former president went out of power three years ago , but turned into a making money machine with lectures , lifetime earnings , travel , business and vip presence. Surrounded by luxury , Lula arrives to charge more than double his predecessor , former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso , a lecture of just one hour . Lectures ? That’s right. Lula speaks about politics, economics and poverty in lectures which cost about US$ 113,000 each – the highest value in Brazil . This amount , in two hours of speech, equals almost three minimum wages per minute , somewhere around US$ 1,000.00 per minute ! Found it expensive? The value goes up when the lecture is international ! Ferraris , Lamborghinis , Porches ? Die of envy ! 0 to 100 in seconds ? That’s small change , our former president  goes from 0 to 1000 in a minute . I won’t even talk about the horsepower … 😉


The most expensive speaker in the country, Lula is making hi big money with his lectures abroad. It is estimated that he charges over US$ 135,000 for international lectures . And all this with only technical education in the curriculum . And all this while you study for your MBA , MSc , doctor-ship , PHD . Never mind that, you fool ! Study for what? Lula jumped from high school , undergraduate ,  straight to Master ‘s degrees and Phd  🙂 . How come you wonder ? Lula has accumulated  26 titles of Doctor Honoris Causa – given by universities to honor a personality , even if she does not have a college education. Now he is a doctor ! Remember 1995 ? After the candidate for president , Luis Inacio Lula da Silva , stating ” There is , in Congress , a minority that cares and works for the country, but there is a majority of a hundred picks which protect only their own interests ,” the rock band “Paralamas do Sucesso” had a censored song – Luis Inacio ( 300 picks ) , whose refrain was “Luiz Inácio said, Luís Inácio warned , there are three hundred picks with the ring doctor .” Ready . Now he doesn’t have only one, he has 26 Doctor rings  .

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVOR7d02Aog’]

Lula makes with his international lectures about US$ 135,000 , twice as much as the former president , Fernando Henrique Cardoso , who has a college degree and charges for his presentations about US$ 65,000. In his lectures , FHC addresses topics such as politics, economics and current events , such as the legalization of drugs . Lula speaks less and earn more . And trips abound in the former president’s agenda . Lula has made more than 40 trips abroad since formally left the Presidency in 2010 . Among his favorite destinations are countries in South America, Africa , Europe, North America and even the Middle East. And what’s better than traveling? Traveling for free ! Yes, he usually travels for free , and for some trips , he gets enough to buy an apartment in a prime location of ​​Sao Paolo ! Do you think he misses the ” Aerolula ” , that Airbus A-319 valued at US$ 50 million ? In 2010 , he joked : ” I just found out that is not my Aerolula. I lost my plane . ” . Hey, but without plane, how can he travels ?Do we still pay his bills? Not directly. Where does the money come from? Who pays the bill? Talk. Say it. Spit it out !

CONTRAusa Now , my “young padawan” , the contractors pay . Although he makes over US$ 130,000 per lecture outside of Brazil , Lula does not put his hand in his pocket for trips abroad . Contractors with a history of donations to the Labor Party (PT), as Andrade Gutierrez , Camargo Corrêa , OAS and Odebrecht lead the ranking of ” aid ” and pay the expenses of the former president . Wow, he must pay a fortune for Income Tax , is not it? In fact , he does not get this money . How so ? Who gets them is the Lula Institute, an Non Governmental Organization without profit and tax exemption , which states that the former president works to promote “the interests of the nation ” and not the companies who pay his activities .

” People who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it . “

Lula Institute is a nonpartisan , nonprofit foundation dedicated to international cooperation between Brazil , Africa and other countries in South America. Its name is a tribute to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is also the honorary president of the institute. The history of the Institute dates back to 1990 when the ” Parallel Government ”  was formed,  which was a group of political action led by Lula to face the then newly installed president Fernando Collor de Melo , who had won the 1989 elections . Since 1993 and the Collor’s impeachment  , the ” Parallel Government ” changes name to ” Citizenship Institute ” and goes on to develop various political activities in order to better understand the Brazilian geopolitical , social and economic environment , organizing caravans of citizenship. In 1999 it started to work intensively to give subsidy to political campaigns of 2002. Where Lula emerged victorious . After being elected , Lula chose an businessman to replace him in the administration of the foundation. Returning to assume the presidency again in 2010 after the end of term as President of the Republic . In 2011 , the Citizenship Institute changes name to Lula Institute . In 2013 , the CEO of the Lula Institute , Paulo Okamotto , said he did not rule out the use of funds acquired through Roaunet Act for the construction of the Memorial of Democracy . The museum, which will be built on an area of ​​4300 meters courtesy of City of São Paulo, downtown area , is expected to cost between U$ 25 million and US$ 100 million.


Another strategy of former President Lula was the creation of the Sao Paulo Forum (FSP), in July 1990, during a visit by Fidel Castro to Lula in Sao Bernardo do Campo. The Forum was formalized when 48 organizations, parties and fronts of the left in Latin America and the Caribbean, at the invitation of the Workers Party, gathered in the city of São Paulo aiming to discuss the new international situation after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989). Developed strategies to address the U.S. embargo on Cuba and unite the forces of Latin American left in the discussion of the consequences of the adoption of neoliberal policies by most governments of the time, as well as promote economic, cultural and political integration of the region. One outcome of this forum was the renovation and modernization of ports and roads made ​​in Cuba by BRAZIL. Now you understand why the doctors “More Doctors” came from Cuba so fast?


But back to the money , you may be wondering , “But why would they still pay, if he is no longer in power “. He is not ? I will not fill you up with conspiracy theories or anything like that , but I’ll name a few coincidences . In August 2011 , Lula began a tour through South America started in Bolivia, where he arrived ” with his entourage in a private plane from the OAS ,” as noted in the Ambassador Marcel Biato’s telegram . The first appointment was a meeting with President Evo Morales . At the time , protests prevented the OAS touching a highway of US$ 415 million . Entrepreneurs of Bolivia requesting confidentiality was one of the topics of conversation , they say. La Paz canceled the contract, but gave US$ 9.8 million as compensation to the OAS . From Bolivia , also funded by OAS , Lula traveled to Costa Rica , where the company disputed a contract of US$ 57 million . The OAS has been deprecated after the local media questioned  role Lula’s  . After nine months, the OAS has won the bid to build the most important highway of the country , a contract worth US$ 500 million . And I will not even mention the trips to Africa ,to  whom we recently ” forgive ” a debt of nearly US$ 900 million , where the Brazilian contractors have business and could not receive loans from the BNDES (National Bank of Development)if there were any debts. Incidentally, the ” act of kindness ” was signed by Dilma Rousseff , in 2013 .


In 2002 , the ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso criticized environmentalists and said the opposition to the construction of hydroelectric power plants hinders the country. Presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced a document entitled The Place of the Amazon in Brazil Development , citing Belo Monte and specifies that ” the Brazilian energy matrix , which relies primarily on hydropower , with mega works damming of rivers has affected the Amazon Basin .” He recently stated that Belo Monte is an essential work for Brazil and for the Northern Region . The region of the dam will be flooded and the work will now cost U.S. $ 20 billion (of course this will not be the final value ) to be passed on to the contractors responsible for the work . I said contractors ? They are: Andrade Gutierrez , which will define who will do what in the work , Camargo Correa , Odebrecht, OAS , Queiroz Galvão , Mendes Júnior, Contern , Galvão Engenharia and other minors who ” won ” the auction of Belo Monte in April 2010. You already got lost in this history ? The plot is really complicated .


Our former president is a true Pop Star , a public figure known around the World and one of the 25 most influential people on the planet , according to Time Magazine in 2010 . Lula has met since  his retirement, stars like Bono of U2 (top left) and the Nigerian Nobel laureate in Literature , Wole Soyinka (bottom left) and politicians as Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key ( in center , bottom) , the presidents of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama (center, above) , and Uruguay , José Mujica ( bottom right ) and former leader of Cuba , Fidel Castro (top right) . Posing with celebrieties gives him more visibility and he can charge more for vip presence or lectures . Lula has inspired the creation of a doll made in his honor by the PT in 2010 , priced at $ 5 each and even a plush version of the political man a little earlier, in 2006 , produced by the artist Raul Mourao .


In 2006 , Lula declared to the TSE ( Supreme Electoral Tribunal ) a wealth of U$ 400,000, of which 57 % would be invested in banks . It is estimated that the fortune of the former president is currently much higher , since three of his international lectures already cover the declared value at the time. Lula , from afar , became one of the most successful millionaires in the country One of his residences in São Bernardo do Campo is located on the 11th floor of the building Hill House . Covering 186 square meters handily exceeds half million dollars and is among the most expensive in the city . In addition to multiplying his wealth and his family’s wealth with varied business and income , Lula takes good care of its equity . Last year , he got rid of returning US$ 4.3 million to public coffers after being found not guilty of improper conduct in an action that accused him of personal advancement and benefit to the bank BMG , involved in the scandal of the “Mensalão”. Moreover , he was unharmed in the ” scandal of “Mensalão ” simply stating that he did not knowing anything , not having seen anything and not having read everything he signed . He said the “Mensalão” never existed and the judgment of the Supreme Court was a political , a reprisal ” from the elite” for numerous social achievements of his government . Lula was recently invited by the U.S. newspaper The New York Times , one of the most important in the world , to write a monthly column on economics and politics. The contract values ​​accepted by the former president were not disclosed , but the transaction has generated controversy and garnered several jokes on the internet.

cobertura Finally , making a simple calculation , we have:

  • Retirements : US$ 120,000.00
  • 4 lectures per month : US$ 135,000.00 x 4 x 12 = US$ 6,480,000.00
  • Commission of contractors : ? ? ?
  • ANNUAL TOTAL : 6,600,000.00

With over US$ 6 million a year, legal money, who needs National Lottery? You! He does not need! Incidentally, the cover of Forbes Magazine is fictitious and two prosecutors, a federal deputy , a judge and two attorneys told to newspaper “Folha de São Paulo”  that no irregularities with his trips , because there is no law about the behavior of past presidents in Brazil .

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htgSRazXLso’]

So ? Satisfied with the ending ? No ? Remember that you should not believe everything you read . Be critical . This article is based on my research and perceptions of reality . Write yours! Talk , ask , ask ! You ‘ll enjoy it. I do not believe that the politics should be a career , nor that our ” representatives ” should receive compensation or benefits . They represent the state and should receive the minimum to represent him well , even internationally . But they can not see in the Government  an opportunity to enrich . I do not believe that Brazil needs many congressmen and senators , I think we should start from there . Then as, civil society , should decide the structure of the state , eliminating useless  Ministries as the Ministry of Fishing , Ministry of Downsizing Ice , among others . Politicians should not have political immunity as they have now, just FOR SPEACH. Crimes of Corruption should be considered heinous and unbailable, end of indeterminate reelections , end of Political Careers . But this is just me, dreaming … Today , working for the state means earning well and do nothing. You may not know , but WE ARE THE STATE .

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