Dec 28, 2013
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Let´s Talk About Brazil!

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I do not know if you, the reader , already know Brazil . If you don´t know it, I think you should . However , if your goal is to come to the FIFA World Cup 2014 , I ask you to choose a different route, away from the stadium and close to nature . I’ll try, throughout this article, to convince you not to buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup and support Brazilians in a boycott of the games . May I begin?

I do not know if you, the reader , already know Brazil . If you don´t know it, I think you should . However , if your goal is to come to the FIFA World Cup 2014 , I ask you to choose a different route, away from the stadium and close to nature . I’ll try, throughout this article, to convince you not to buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup and support Brazilians in a boycott of the games . May I begin?

I do not know if you knew that in June, this year, Brazil has staged demonstrations in almost every capital , organized by young people because of an increase in bus fares in São Paulo . However , this was not the only reason, this was just the missing drop that made the bucket overflow.


In 2013 , we had no reason to celebrate. The world’s largest economies this year showed the fruits of their economic plans, started since the 2008 crisis . China is expected to grow above forecasts , the United States managed better than expected results , the Eurozone grew in the third quarter and managed to get out of the deepest recession in its history, which occurred in the previous quarter . And Brazil ? Our GDP (Gross domestic product) is falling and inflation is on the rise .

How come ? You might think I ‘m an economist ? Why are you telling me this ? I do not care for the brazilian economy ! I’m a tourist! I want to know about the beaches , the women , the samba , drink caipirinha …

I know! You are a tourist , but this information will help you understand the problems in Brazil . In 2007, we were chosen to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 . Everything seemed great. Our means of transportation would be modernized,  our airports renovated , Brazilians would have free English  courses in order to help with the  tourism , the already existing stadiums will be updated . Everything was fine . Promises. Oh, we were so wrong. In the early years, the works not evolved , awaiting the World Cup General Law , a decree that would create exceptions in the Brazilian law for the games. However , there were no  bids for the majority of contracts to renovate/built the stadiums,  under the excuse of urgency or technical requirements. Result ? What would have cost U.S$ 1.1 billion in 2007 , went to US$ 3.3 billion in 2013 . In order to spend billions with the World Cup Soccer, they`ve created the term ” FIFA standard quality “. We want education, health and transportation ” FIFA standard ” and not stadiums .


Meanwhile , our results in the last two surveys on education , Pearson and PISA , place Brazil in late position . The Global Index of Cognitive Abilities and Educational Achievements , according to Pearson , compares countries by dividing them into two categories of learning : cognitive skills and education level , and helps to identify possible sources of good practice . The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA ) is a triennial international survey Which aims to the evaluate education systems worldwide by testing the skills and knowledge of 15 – year-old students . This are international rates that can not be adulterated. When the Brazilian government is not satisfied with the result of a search, it changes the index . Have you heard about the CODE program to develop Computer in the World ? We didn´t. Why ? The government does not want developers , potential hackers , he wants idiots who receive a few dollars ”to get out of the poverty” and ensures the votes in 2014 .

Health in Brazil is chaotic , thousands of people die every day in Brazil for lack of doctors , lack of resources , lack of basic equipment , lack of hospitals, but our government found a solution: as a doctor in Rio de Janeiro wins on average U $ 1700.00 , our government made ​​an agreement to pay U $ 4,550.00 for each physician brought from Cuba , of which U.S. $ 1,100.00 go to the doctor while the rest goes to the Government of Cuba. Why? To help them? Thousands of cuban doctors speaking Spanish! Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in South America. The real problem is that Brazilian doctors did not want to work in hospitals without minimal conditions, lack of equipments and lower salaries.


Do you think you can walk the streets , meet at the stadiums , as you do in your country? Think again . Our mobility program during the games is based on holidays. In the days of the games , people will stay at home to reduce traffic and give the false impression that the traffic is great and that the millions spent and diverted on this renovations worked . Try to take a bus , a subway train and meet Brazilian public transportation. As for the hotels, they have risen by 900% their prices in order to receive you with the “FIFA standard quality”. Do you really want to go to the games? Remember that you can stay away from this series of protests and demonstrations against the World Cup FIFA , simply by choosing other cities to spend your holidays . There might be riots  in this period.

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The FIFA asked 10 cities, but Brazilian Soccer Confederation and the brazilian government asked 12 cities because of the country´s continental proportions. But, in 1994, the USA worked with only 9 cities. The richest part of Brazil “won” 3 cities (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte) with less than  500km between them. Why 12?  To steal more? The footbal in Brazil is taking so seriously that it seems like a gang war sometimes, as the world saw at the last games of the Brazilian Soccer Championship.

Our faith , our patriotism, they only come out  every four years, when a tournament of a sport that became popular in Brazil , given its simplicity, is realized. To play, join a group of friends , find an empty field, two stones to represent the goal and the most important thing: the ball , which can be made of plastic , socks , leather , any material that can withstand a good kick . You do not need equipment . This is Soccer – the most democratic sport on Earth. And part of its popularity is its simplicity . It’s simple : the goal is to pass the ball , always with the feet and score. Nobody needs school to learn to play football . That is why it is so popular in Brazil . We can analyze countries by their predominant national sport . I made this the other day and it’s fascinating . I dare you to understand all the rules of the American football or the baseball . The only complication in soccer is the concept of deterrent, but you only needs a ruler to understand it. 🙂 We are the country of the “checkers ” and not chess , the country of the “soap-opera” and not the ” documentary.” We are the country of HOPE. Poor children see hope in soccer, they hope to get out of misery , straight to a millionaire life thanks to what they see on TV. A country without hope reacts , fights , argues, protests and nobody wants the streets full of people protesting , isn´t it ? Truth be told , I WANT.

The brazilian women handball team won the World Championship in Serbia this December. Who cares? How big is the investment in handball development in Brazil? None. They achieved this title by hard working . Because, unlike football, handball requires knowledge, pratice and a place to play. Requires investments in order to bring results. Why support the football is so important? Why the Brazilian Football Confederation (private company) has so much power? DISTRACTION. Think in your soccer team and forget the politics, economics, time spend to go to the work, the food´s prices, lack of wealth care, the Brazil results in Math, Reading and Science. Only the soccer maters!

Take a look at “our” logo.  In school, I learn that our national colors are GREEN , YELLOW , BLUE AND WHITE . We don´t have RED  in our flag!

We have big problems. The Belo Monte Dam is a hydroelectric dam complex currently under construction on the Xingu River in the state of Pará, Brazil. The planned installed capacity of the dam complex would be 11,233 MW, which would make it the second-largest hydroelectric dam complex in Brazil and one of the world’s largest in installed capacity. But, considering the oscillations of flow river, guaranteed minimum capacity generation from the Belo Monte Dam would measure ONLY 4,571 MW, 39% of its maximum capacity. How much? Almost 12 billion dollars! Build by who? The same contractors that build the stadiums. Only US$12 billions? We will see… They also work in the transfer of the São Francisco River, a large-scale interbasin transfer to the dry sertão in the four northeastern states of Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco in Brazil. The project, which was given the green light to go ahead by Brazil’s government in 2005, is estimated to cost US$2 billion and is expected to improve the lives of 12 million  people. After legal challenges were brought against the project, the Supreme Court allowed it to go ahead in December 2007. The work now was stoped by the contractors and the prize increases in more than 80%, almost 4 billion dollars because of “technical dificulties”.

And finally, recently the Brasilian Supreme Court send to jail the heads and founders of Lula party (PT) in a scandal called “Mensalão”, that means the party buy congressmans´ vote following his interests, in exchange  monthly payments. They´re still trying legal resources to avoid jail, like sickness, licence to work, old age, things like that. Actually, we have 513 federal deputies and 81 senators that cost more than US$9 billions anually , less thanUS Congress only. And how we pay this bill? With taxes. We have the second tax in world, behind only Sweden. For me, Sweden lost because they have Wealth, Transportation and Education. With what we pay for each congressman (they have indirect gains too) we could pay 3 enginners, 5 lawyers, 6 doctors and 17 basic teachers. Wich one  do you think we need more?

You don´t know me and you don´t have to trust me. Make your own research. I´m a brazilian asking you to rethink about go to Brazil in 2014. If you want come, come. We really need tourism money, but support brazilian people and don´t go to the 12 cities were the games will happen: Rio de Janeiro (RJ), São Paulo (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Porto Alegre (RS), Brasília (DF), Cuiabá (MT), Curitiba (PR), Fortaleza (CE), Manaus (AM), Natal (RN), Recife (PE) e Salvador (BA).

If you really want see the football games, watch them on TV!

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